Thursday, November 15, 2012

Car Art You Can Do: Framed Head Gaskets

Women will love it. Surely nothing ornaments a man's (or super cool woman's) domain quite like some car art. Framed prints are nice but if you really want to be a complete car dork make a statement, you gotta use some real car parts for your art. 

We've all seen the ultra cool engine block coffee tables and camshaft lampstands, but to create those you need a welder and the willingness to scrounge junkyards. No, the good thing about a framed headgasket is that it can be comfortably done without ever going to the garage.

The procedure for creating one of these is painfully simple. Head gaskets can be ordered in from pretty much any parts store or online. Don't use a greasy old one, get a nice one.

You can really use any color frame and background but after experimenting with a few colors I found that the stark contrast of the gasket against a plain white background is hard to beat. I actually brought my head gasket into Michael's much to the surprise of the arts & crafts crowd. 

A framed head gasket is a neat way to have a piece of your care in your house. The one pictured is a gasket for my Swift GTi and I have some more on the way from a Suzuki Cara and a Datsun 280ZX. If you drive a VR6 or a Cummins diesel, there's absolutely no reason not to have one. So make one for yourself or as a gift for another car dork friend this season!


  1. What a great idea! I'll need to find a head gasket sealer first, but I'll definitely try this out as soon as I find one. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Glad you like it! What engine do you plan on using?

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