Saturday, January 05, 2013

Midnight Supra

Gotta love the license plate
Like it or not, the incredibly cheesey Fast and Furious movies wormed the twin turbo Supra into our hearts. The movie franchise that takes place in a mythical world where all girls love cars and street racing is never met with mal-consequence brought Toyota's big star to mainstream culture. 

But this article isn't about Brian or Dominick, it's about what makes the MKIV twin turbo Toyota Supra a car of legend.

Sitting in the Supra in an immersive experience. There are many gauges laid out before you and the dash cluster seems to wrap around you. The seats are tight and supportive and the shifter falls to hand easily. The engines burbles in a way to make it seem impossibly larger than it's modest three liter displacement would suggest.

And yet, the Supra surprises you. It turns in with surprising precision that makes one second guess it's 3,600 lb weight.

Few things can prepare one for the boost. For a stock(ish) 90's car, it's astonishing. The car pulls hard from 4,000 RPM and then it pulls harder. Pardon for gushing a bit, but it really is just a surge of power that's very smooth and usable when it's not a January night in Alberta.

The Supra is a crowd favorite and it earned it's way there. Above all it represents Toyota's top entry into the 90's Japanese sportscar battle. These cars along with other twin turbo monsters like the Mazda RX-7, Mitsubishi 3000GT, Nissan 300ZX and Nissan Skyline will likely be remembered for years to come as cars that took the world by storm.

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