Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Found in Captivity: The Oldest Driveway Kept Car in Alberta?

Calgary is not Phoenix. Unlike cars sitting out in desert climes, Calgary cars tend to get ravaged by the elements pretty quickly. That just makes it all the more remarkable to find a 74 year-old car kept outside. Built just before the start of WWII, today's 1939 Plymouth (Business?) Coupe seems to be holding up just fine.

This particular car has been sitting uncovered and unmoved on this driveway for at least four years. The neighbors don't know the story behind it and several visits to the house's front door have gone unanswered. What in the garage could possibly be so important as to keep a classic like this outside in the snow?

This Coupe was one of 417,528 Plymouths made that year and featured a 201 cubic inch flathead six making 82 horsepower. It also sports some pretty cool looking headlights. 

Incredibly, this Plymouth looks no worse for wear after sitting out in the open for years. Hopefully it's stay in driveway-purgatory ends soon and it can see some miles again. A lot has changed since 1939 but I'll bet that old flathead six still cranks and fires after a new battery and some fresh fluids.

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