Friday, March 15, 2013

Fun With Google: Why Do Mercedes Smell Like Crayons?

Start to type any query into Google and the Google overlords will kindly display what other people have been searching. Now this can be pretty helpful to save you some typing but today were going to play with its comedic uses. 

Well, why do Mercedes smell like crayons? The internet wants to know!

There are still plenty of questions regarding the world's fastest VAG product. One has to wonder the average age of people asking Google if a Veyron can exceed 1,000 MPH.

The web has seemed to hone in on one particular issue with Integras. Particularly why thieves like them so much.

Likewise, someone might be really on to something about Maybachs. 

Some people don't care if Pontiac still exists, so long as they still make Grand Ams. 

And lastly, four points on Hondas that can be found under any car related YouTube video.

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