Monday, April 15, 2013

Return to Gasoline Alley

It's deja vu all over again. With a snowstorm howling outside (Yes, it's April) there was never a better day to hide inside a warm building and drool over classic cars and trucks. We've profiled Gasoline Alley previously but this time we're back with a new lens to try and capture some new perspectives.

This 1931 Cord looks like something the Great Gatsby would drive. Though it's creamsicle color scheme is questionable, it's sweeping fenders and brilliant art-deco style is really something to behold. Front wheel drive was a pretty novel thing in 1931 and you can see the bulge from the front differential just below the grille. Apparently these cars, while beautiful were terribly unreliable. But if you could afford this in the '30's you probably didn't care about maintenance costs.

The main hall at Gasoline Alley is an impressive space illuminated by the soft glow of neon signs against exposed timbers. Gasoline alley is often rented out for weddings and parties. When this happens, all the cars on the main floor are rolled into another room and the entire main hall is filled with tables and chairs. But I'll take cars over catering any day.

The basement houses more vehicles (mostly trucks) including this beefy 1929 Mack tanker truck. With no side windows and no front brakes, wimps need not apply.

Gasoline Alley also houses an astonishing amount of gas pumps as well as a mock shell service station complete with tanker truck.

The coolest thing about a massive collection like Gasoline alley is that no matter how many visits you make, you'll always find something new. Some things, like this sharp looking Federal truck just don't catch your eye until the second or third visit. If you find yourself bored in Calgary, hit up Gasoline Alley for some petro powered nostalgia. 

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