Thursday, October 03, 2013

The 100th Post: TLM's Pseudo Centennial

What a ride it's been! Sixteen months, 100 articles and nearly 10,000 pageviews have passed since the first article in May, 2012. In that time I've met many new friends and been to numerous fun events all while chasing the passion of cars. I've also learned a lot about cars I never even knew existed through writing these articles. I hope you've enjoyed some of the posts and gleaned some worthless trivia cool information as well! I'm excited to move forward with The Life Mechanical but first, let's have a look back.

This article was genesis. I felt there was no better way to introduce my mission for this site than to tell how I fell into the cult of cars at a young age. I've written about my Suzy since then for Petrolicious and she continues to be a very fond memory and a pivotal element in my life. 

Little by little, I got the hang of publishing things on the internet and the site began to take shape. It became a part of my daily routine to scour junkyards and backstreets for odd and interesting cars to profile. This Renault Fuego Turbo was one of my favorite early junkyard finds.

But the most popular article to date? That award goes to the coverage of the Spring Thaw car show from April, 2013. Certainly were some great automotive finds in there that day. How often do you see a Hondamatic CVCC and a Ferrari 400i in one day?

Least viewed? Well it's actually a three-way tie between a few brief stories that link elsewhere. Not surprising as there's not much to do after you follow the jump.

It's been an amazing ride so far and I've enjoyed the continuous support and enthusiasm from you awesome readers. What's next for the ol' TLM? Well you can count on more found cars and featured events as the future unfolds. Stay tuned and and remember; life without driving is merely surviving.


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